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my dreams

A night time landscape;
the darkness above
the rose garden below
the shadow of forest around
the ache inside my heart
all yearning and longings behind,
do you hear the sound of stars inside my window
do you hear the flow of love from my heart to yours;
anything might happen
this is a dream
that you and I share
and will continue
as one river,
a new life in me
might end my body
but love in me continues
soundless inside valleys, trees and wildflower fields,
love in me
becomes a fairytale
vanishing inside the earth prelude,
my dreams end
in our complete silence.

~ Serena Devi, Oct 2012~

razor edge

Just now, is my address
Just this dance, is my whole being
Just holding love, is my reason for existance
Just me, this dream that there is no I and not-I
Just you, joy of the eyes,
serenity of the silence,
the razor edge of the flight
into the unknown sky.

~ Serena Devi ~

Earth verses

Feelings streaming through heart
Sometimes the heart doesn’t know
What the heaviness means.
In the scale of time,
There is a thin line
between pain and joy;
Just before
waking up,
dark refuses to go
eyes want to see the sun.

There is voice inside,
Old enough to make a song
Open enough
To hold my dreams;
Deep enough
To grow trees
Brave enough
To stay honest
And join the wind
And move with spirit,
Into the silent pray.

I must leave my own mind
so the forests, mountains and rivers
uncover slowly
beneath earth verses,
to hear the Spirit
to wake up the stars and the sea
to lose everything and
become kind;
I must leave my mind
So the tender gravity of my heart
Falls into the pond of happiness,
As the way continues
The speaker inside
Disappears inside the wind.
My soul,
Whistle of the wind
When it blows
Or the sound of cool stream
When it flows.

I know nothing
Of the way forward
But in my heart of the heart
Love grows
sun shines
and my soul songs make a difference.

© Serena Devi, October 2012

Beloved 17

I keep try to stay with surface of waves
you keep pulling me deeper inside,
you! trouble maker, Sultan* of my heart,
inside is nothing, but flames of your passion,
thirsty lips for your love.
I am your eternal slave,
chained and surrender forever
to love, what a beauty!!
moon falls in silence in your presence
and nightingale hide her songs
inside the breeze of night,
so my beloved,
you hear my yearning heart, drop by drop
in a cup of wine,
ah, all the seductions are fairytales,
no one knows, what one touch of
your lips does to Serena’s heart.
My beloved,
break my heart,
drink my wine and never let go of my throat,
ever let your lips leave my skin,
let fever of love burns me and turn me to ashes,
make me your breath,
make me your poem,
never return me to myself.

~ Serena Devi , September 2012~

Sultan*= king

I lend you my heart

Tonight, I lend you my heart,
jump on her wings and fly
to all untouched shores of love,
bring me back a color,
bring me back a song,

a new beginning
in a shape of stars
and softness of your lips.

hold on to my heart,
maybe, in ten thousand years,
a piece of your love
falls into her empty space
and breaks the silence.

~ Serena Devi, Sept 2012~

Celebration of the harvest

This morning two angels came from the world beyond,
each took one hand of mine,, in their pure light,
I saw the harvest of my heart, the colour of my soul,
I am weeping since.
Tears, white tears, blue tears
dark tears,
the path to the hidden treasures of our hearts,
priceless pearls, gems, loving gifts of Divine.
My joy is endless, so my love for all creation.
May the fresh breeze of autumn,
take our hearts to eternal harvest,
truthful and sincere;
to leap and surrender to winds,
to honor the mother earth,
to offer our gratitude to our father sky
to celebrate our beings, to value our doings,
to share simplicity, truth and compassion.

Come seekers, come lovers, come drunken poets;
freedom is your corp,
joy is your direction,
accepting is your campass,
love is your power,
courage is your friend
harvest of your soul is your journey
heaven is your promise.
Now is the time to celebrate the eternal feast of love,
Now, is the harvest time. ♥

~ Serena Devi, September 2012 ~

Go beyond

Touches no longer define the lines around my body
I am surrender to this fragile feelings
Of wanting to go beyond who I am,
To meet another
whom could endure my companion
Accept me for who I am
let me burry my soul in him,
And take his.

I have been longing for so long,
My heart has lost her voice,
In storms of love.

Every day, in every way,
I look for a feeling
To tell me, you are here,
inside me, beside me.

Loving is not a concept
or a mental approach,
Loving is living in constant flames,
till one become lover herself.

Passion is not just passing moments
Of desires or urges
It is the place to meet my own soul,
In all I see around,
whoever I encounter
Whom I share a poem, a touch or just a kiss,
It is the ability of my heart to offer
everything, in full trasparency
so I could feel everything,
even when the knife cut my flesh,
blood covers my face,
I stay still, surrender
to what love transcends.

I feel the eyes in me,
I feel the soul, everywhere,
where do I end? where do you begin?
I know,
In not knowing,
I am ripen in truth.

It feels like centuries waiting to fall
To fall and flow
And never ask again,
when do I see him again?
Am I leaving, are you coming,
where the bridge between these two worlds
that one day I stand in full balance
and covered in grace
and in a blink an eye,
my heart falls in ache of linging, yearning to go beyond me.

I just need to open my eyes
perhaps just to see I am between your palms,
just to feel, you want me as much as I want you.

Endure me, my love,
Endure me, my soul,
The passage is ours,
the union is our destiny
We are going beyond us.
~ Serena Devi ~


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