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The knowing that once belonged to my breath
Now lingers on empty benches of the old dreamland;
Between fire and shadow of all the crossroads
many years, many places
I only remember his eyes.

I stand still
Before my breath touches the ceiling of the sky
And dark leaves of time cover my face;
I stand still
Between the squeezed events and heavy memories
Hope is my gravity
And earth is my freedom.

Do you see me for who I am;
Inside my woman
red cells eating my green patience
It is a mystery how the great tides
always come back to the sandy shores
And yet the one I love never returned.

I stand still, unmoved in my pain
I endured everything
I saw how my heart broke little by little under the sound of the angry crows.
I stand still in my body
Before time takes away the remaining of hope
Before time win my dreams over
I must sing with my whole heart
To all rivers and mountains
All bridges that connect me to
Trees, humans, horses and dreams;
I must call love with all my strength and faith
“Love, enter my body
Sink, slow and eternal
in a shape of a moon or a goddess kiss
quiet, width and peaceful
enter my soul,
spread your fire, warm and safe;
love, posses me “
everything has a voice
and yet my soundless tears
speak louder than hundred words;
I sing with my whole heart,
To see his eyes one more time
I sing to remember how to be a woman again,
How to feel under a man’s finger tip
How to enjoy the sound of his breath beside my throat
How to witness the unmeasured joy of giving and taking
in wholeness of body and soul.
Now, it is harder to stand still
When this shaking means something inside me
still desire to feel as a human..
I learn by loving, I forget by loving,
I wake up by loving,
I die by loving,
I only remember his eyes
Do you see me for who I am;
Only great tides know the unknown mystery of gravity
Coming back to beginning, eternal loop of love!

listen to the falling drops
on the unmoved part of my chest
everything depends on gravity
my heart stays between shores
faithful to wind and waves
dare to dance the tides
and love forever.


every day I search for a sign of your return
and I fall in deeper love with your image in my heart
every day I see life in more amazing ways;
every day I walk on earth and smile at winds, sky and floating seagulls;
knowing this love never ends
knowing my soul is yours
my beloved twin,
my heart soars in beauty of our union,
you are part of my heart
the dream of love
I never wake up from
no more words,
feel my waiting lips
on the edge of the breath
touching the air connecting us.
our time together is here
walk into my arms
hold my tree, my stars
warmth of my body, my hunger for your manly shape
your tender touch
your breath of longing,
let love swallows us in joy of union.
no more you, or me;
only rocks, only birds
only a whole dream
of lips on lips
body next to body
love meeting love.

~ serena Devi ~

Awaken dreamer


Feel the end of the breath at the edge of dream
where Buddha in you; sitting, waiting
in the place named love
receiving silent dream;
where awakening begins;
the guardians of light
descending from out of space and time
into the dream of Earth.
The unfolding of flow continues; so each soul becomes a source of light
merging, merging, into the twilight inside the earth body.
The journey is a walk, inside the breath
Where everything breathes and vibrates
Rocks, trees, the flock of seagulls
Stars and the Universe.
The evolution is a journey to power
Power beyond minds grasp
Power to destroy, to create
to become the crystal breath, the infinite energy
holding the truth.
The creation is a dream of the dreamers beyond form and space
In experimenting the images, the dreamers fell in love with themselves
Like an artist in joy of her own creation,
From this moment in time, the soul of creations moving into the dreamers dream and participate
In co-creating what appears as the world to human eyes;
We are the conscious co -creative dreamer waking up to our role in the wheel of creation as well as being seen as a dream itself;
Dream of the creation holds the ultimate power,
Power of seeing and be seen.
Seeing opens the hearts
Love reveals all answers
In magical song of infinity;
You are the dreamer who dreams You;
Conscious dream
In beauty, in love, in power
In one.

~ Serena Devi ~

you, only you exist


Exposed on the cliff of her heart
betwitched by lightening of love
sinking, in the eyes of spirit
facing her own reflection,
let it be loved
the undiscovered goddess,
the sediutive queen of night
in rythm of her daily prayer
moves slow and infinite
under the shade of sky
into her body
beneath the waterfall of time
ah, let her be loved
like a water lily
like a morning dream;
holy departure into the spirit;

now and then
facing her own reflection
waking up in depth
a woman in love
transparent and exposed
over the cliffs of her heart
whispers beyond the mirrors…
you, only you

~ Serena Devi, December 2012~

The river


It begins like a river
Solitary turns into silent valleys
Like a dusty poetry book on the library shelf;
Waiting for you
To open and read the forgotten dried ink of feelings
Let them through time
Flower again between your palms;
Words of rain, words of mist
words of love…
rapidly traveling between edge of your feelings
and new frontiers of intimacy;
climbing, climbing
over frightening height of new discoveries
where love becomes more than words or emotional diary.

Love begins
Like a river
Meeting each leaf, stone and the casts of all floating you
In time, in its breath
light dances and you are happy,
you are worry, you are alone
you are passionate,
like poems, love has something to offer to each life,
it could be hope, faith, strength and sometimes Love is a voice of fire
A touch of rose petals
A mystery of laugh and cry;
Intense searching of your soul;
just a tasteless remedy for forgetfulness
of living in illusion of a flesh
ah, love in no inner or outer space
it is the only space
pause a while
before unhappy days
after fantastic days,
get naked from memories
from scars,
hear the murmur of her river,
feel the calm of wind on your back
and fall, fall free and deep
into your moment
from universe to universe
love is only transport;
flow in her bare breath
join the stars,
the huge nameless space
is You.

~ Serena Devi ~

this path is too long …

Affection of sky moves over leaves of silence
the hands holding the umbrella
follow the faith of rain;
if you ask me
if I ever understood the reason
of having so many stars at night;
I show you the cathedral inside my heart
I show you the empty path
to enlightenment
the first gift of awakening
is waiting
to be reborn out of time;
like a river
painless and free to flow.

Love carved the marble of David
god’s silence carved on my poor heart
as I walked deeper into the dark,
every cell cried
it will get bright, so bright
that you no longer feel the fear
of the no ending journey
of love.
This day,
I cling to memories
to forget I am a sailor
into passing seasons of heart,
Tomorrow I will quiten my soul,
by sharing my shade
with the hands holding
my dreams.
This path is too long
I can’t remember where my roots are buried
where I lost track of time
where I stopped attending to my feelings
and needs.

the first song of my heart
rise always in tears;
everyday I try to not try
to be happy or shinny
what comes easy
has no color,
it is the transparent gratitude
this day
even love is soundless
sometimes I wonder
Am I killed or have I missed the signposts on the path;
life is not always
a sunflower river
a nightingale or a happy child.
sometimes, it rains none stop,
it ruins your dreams
sometimes within agony and despair
tears and no escape ;
I must find a tiny little window
to better days,
to have hope that love will find me again;
This path is too long;
need new kind shoes
and blue sky,
to remember who I am
love never scared me
but awakening took everything
still is waiting
for my complete disappearance!

love was easy,
but this day my mind rings,
rings and no one answers
perhaps when night falls,
fire of my heart grows inside stars,
all I need is a new promise
for a brighter day,
happier season
a new land for new roots,
no escape,
just light
in my eyes.

~ Serena Devi , December 2012~

O Rose

O rose,
the innocence of touch
have you found your way into his bed;
could his dark secret love
Climbs on your noble body
Taming your fragile soft petals?
Ah, the openness inside
takes you to the unmeasured streams of pleasure
unknown purity of divine woman
sweetness of connection with his touch
under the melody of night and dance of stars
surrendering to tenderness of love desires.

‘I am a rose, receive my folding heart
In each burst, pulse of joy
Say your name , my voice is your truth
My soft presence is the chamber of life;
Let your lips hold my breath, in a soft moan
In a whisper;
receive my petals’ needs, meet me inside my womb
by giving your divines’ seeds.
My lips of love are open to the mighty rain
Ah I am the blooming red rose
I exist to give, falling in you,
humming soundless
in fluid joy;
the river of your desire
unleashed the passion of my soul.
The beautiful dance of moving in, out
Through the endless ecstasy of infinite union.’

O, rose
In pulsing of your breath
The voice of the beloved is heard;
“Enter “
Into pure space of innocence
Thru the rite passage of your womb and heart
Into the sacred union of divine self,
Meet your man, meet your woman;
Enter YOU, fully surrender to love
In galactic sphere,
Spark of your life
Flows in eternal stream
till eternity
As One Soul .

© Serena Devi, November 2012


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