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In scent of a rose

Father of silence,
Mother of space,
Child of love,
the coming new day,
in scent of a rose
in strength of flying bird.

what we want
is not simple,
it is a mortal dream
that we could forgot our faces.
Arche your arms
in meaningless mist of mind
build a bridge between pain and joy
open your heart to take all the light and shadow
and not be afraid of any end;
into the scent of life
into the morning dew
every cell awakes
in freedom of infinite love.

~ Serena Devi ~

The dance of shadows

Nothing more than a thin line of memories
And still it is hard to simply pass
And do not ask;
How all happenings touch and shape
The unmeasured part of her heart.
The overwhelming terrifying silence
Of the dance of shadows;
Load her heart with its infinite dark space;
Befriended with depth of her loneliness.

She wrote her hearts’ deepest desire
In emptiness between amorously words;
After many screams
Bleeding roses
Dark seas,
Her heart grew tired
Of living so deep
In never ending feelings,
Her heart is caged
In vastness of love, trembling
In facing an image of a lost love.

What happened to justice?!
She was the loveliest of the queens
She fell from the stars,
Over the soft petals of love
Awaken like a butterfly,
Caged in destiny of the flames
To burn, to end of smoke.

Silence made a nest of her heart;
The first whispers of desires
Blended her breath
With colors of wilderness
With dreams of embracing her king again;
It was a long time ago, in another land
She was seduced by his charms.
The transparent infinity of love
Paralyzing her to move away
From that haunted memory
Sometimes, past claims everything.

When shadow falls
And dark repeats unresolved feelings,
The sound of pain grows loud,
Like crying birds just before the storm.
It is the hour
When love
Takes the fragile nightingale
Into the deep forests
To encounter the shadow of her song.
As the light breaks through
All- seeing,
fear, loneliness, anger, shame, longsome grays
End in sheer twilight.
Life unfolds chapter by chapter,
Enduring dark solitary
Is a blessing to a longing heart;
To encounter the unknown and unmeasured parts of soul;
Perhaps that is the justice she seeks all of her life;
To know and feel the passion of her tiny existence
In the cosmos of feelings, thoughts and fading in silence
Of her inner world.

In daylight, eyes see easily,
Yet on the threshold of darkness;
The mystery inside each soul could be heard,
The strange, powerful penetrating light
Into the scent of soil,
From haunted memories of lost loves
Into wind, stone, sky and sea.
Once, she loved a man
So madly, so deeply unconditional
Her heart bleed under naked teeth of longing
Sank under weight of her feelings
Day after day
Until progress began.

A newborn child
A bit more trusting
Every day;
Into nameless truth
Into soundless justice;
Into unmeasured power of love;
Like a bird leaving the nest,
Like a small lily reaching to air.

Sometimes past claims everything;
And sometimes not.
She felt the storm
Lay flat beneath the happenings
Surrendered to changes
Until all emotions disappeared from her;
Until she remembered;
Her essence has made of water
She tastes like a red wine
She could swims through all things
She is threshold of darkness
Where light and shadow meets
The dance of shadows
Is the meaning,
the burning desire
it is her soul;
carved and shaped
By making love.

In time,
Love polishes her skin,
matures her wine,
Teaches her how to move in stillness
In time
every queen will be united
with her true king
within and without.

~ Serena Devi ~

Canvas of my heart

All the unlived part of my life
Echoes and born
Into the simple transparent syllables of love.
My true love songs are written
In colorless tears, dreams and yielding of my heart
Slow movements of feeling,
Inside my veins,
The world of my believes are changing every day,
Into a shapeless presence of the mist;
Sometimes I hear hills and trees
When the autumn showers begin
to water the fertile earth;
I begin a long affair with oasis of tears;
When no one could rescue my heart from myself
From ache and longing of endless desires to know who Am I.

Tears shelter my moments of pain
Blur my vision of this illusion I called it “self”
so I could hear my soul;
I am a whole and yet never be completed in form,
The beauty I seek is the beauty I must create.
The unending flow of ecstasy
that only love could paint
On canvas of my heart.
Tears are the colors of my mornings and nights
when I lift my eyes to count the rainbows
after each storm.

I go thru life,
dancing between branches of cypress
and smell of jasmine,
Flying like seagulls over the waves
feel the warmth of sun
and lean for a moment
on reflection of the morning sky;
I go thru life
exploring the earth beneath my feet
filled with water and seeds,
and all the mysteries waiting to be known.

Have I finally learnt to look at myself
With ease and awareness;
To stand silence in ripeness of now
And yield to all greatness that change brings;
I don’t know!
I never imagined life could be like this;
When everything disappears
Over the fields of time,
So comes love;
So sands sing
Inside the cycle of tides;
and the unshaped float of love’s mist
moves my heart
Closer and closer
to beauty of water and stone;
So I rest in soundless ebbing of my feeling;
In transforming seasons of my heart,
Ripen in tears and love.
so I finally come to peace
in a handful of dust and wind
open and free.

~ Serena Devi, November 2012~

Roots and wings

There is not enough light to make out
What is left inside my heart,
I cannot pretend everything is fine
When even stones feel better
Beneath the weight of the world.
Listen to sadness behind words,
Silence is not enough today to send the pain away,
It gets hard when there is no air,
It gets heavy when gravity attacks
the strength of your arms.
No one knows how to answer the crying moon
When darkness rubs to her skin
and all stars fall from tearful eyes of sky.
While the wind ruffles
the tree branches of my feminine vulnerability
Lilies carry my dreams to safe shores of love.

Rocks, seashells and waves move me
away from burning palms of the past
sadness is deep and wide,
words are too small to lift up my heart
in a shape of a hope
to begin a new flight.

I never trusted my eyes,
from the gates of my heart
Seeing always took me to higher mountains,
To where I could dance my destiny
with no fear.

Earth is more than a dream,
it feels like a flesh,
Beneath a knife
or a kiss, it responds.

Inside my earth
Feelings are so deep,
Their touch is real,
pain is as real as a pleasure;
sometimes the gravity of no ending path
pulls every breath under a question,
I cannot enter into another day
Without having hope that my life is not wasted
I will see the Sun that my dreams are promising now and then.

In deep forests
the white fog exists,
the abyss of everlasting light
In depth of our emotions
Sparkles on our bodies
Just enough to let us hear the earth songs,
Just enough to see between the ancient trees
As one part of us sink in now
Another part climb up to heaven’s gate.

In between,
the labyrinth of feelings
might cage our heart out of time, to cure the pain
sometimes block us in space, unmoved
so we reach out and grow toward the sun.

One moment
I am flow of love
trapped in a feminine body
in hope
to break the dead shell
and the next,
I throw myself like a seeds of light
Into the darkness of my emotions;
Between my roots and wings
I touch the silence in depth of dark,
Into the serenity of sky and stars,
I rise in light,
a white full moon.

~ Serena Devi, Oct 2012~

Grow a new dream

Come and sleep beside me my lover,
on the colourful autumn leaves,
the sweet darkness will come soon
and I will give my eyes to shinning stars,
as you hands move closer
to my throat of desires,
my heart, a fountain of love,
springing out the red wine
of my passion
desire to belong.
Filled and empty of time,
I know.. with the next wind
our vow breaks open in tenderness of stars…
I am sorry my beloved,
before half light of morning,
one of us must disappear
the timekeepers of Eden
will call to grow a new dream
let me steal my last kiss
and perhaps tomorrow,
I rasie the flowring hope
to embrace you again.

~ Serena Devi~

Into your heart

In your tenderness
my heart melts
no one knows better than my heart
the secret of your smile
the depth of your green eyes
the warmth of your exhilarating breathe,
I am in love with Love;
this ache pulls all the strings
the song of earth rises
between my breasts,
your silence holds the secret key
to open and release me
from the cage;
ah, love pours
and unites our rivers,
your lips seal mine
and your arms reach around
my breath,
as your warm palms magically
turns to a soft rose
between drops of my tears
and hunger of my lips,
your remove my veils,
you have me naked,
vulnarable and full of passion,
burning desire to be all yours.

stop the torment
not even one more day
in the hallways of waiting
I want my end
I want my beginning
I want my lips on yours forever
I am lost in love,
take my body,
take my soul,
let Serena come back home
into your sea,
into your heart,
into your arms.

Serena Devi , Oct 2012

my dreams

A night time landscape;
the darkness above
the rose garden below
the shadow of forest around
the ache inside my heart
all yearning and longings behind,
do you hear the sound of stars inside my window
do you hear the flow of love from my heart to yours;
anything might happen
this is a dream
that you and I share
and will continue
as one river,
a new life in me
might end my body
but love in me continues
soundless inside valleys, trees and wildflower fields,
love in me
becomes a fairytale
vanishing inside the earth prelude,
my dreams end
in our complete silence.

~ Serena Devi, Oct 2012~


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