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The chasm of everything

I thank God for that cruel gaze
that opened my heart,
wide open and vulnarble.
I thank God for the day
I opened my eyes to the face of love,
all mirrors died away
I forgot my own face.

My love, my love
watch my lips moving
on wounds of offering
on the ground of your love
as my heart rippen in wine
and my soul burnt in fire of passion,
They say, I long for eternal,
They say, I overcome myself;
I say no more,
see my fire, touch my stone,
see my sky and feel
the beating of my millions stars,
see my soul falling in love
like spring rain.
The true beloved
when I surrender my loneliness
to dark angels
I lifted up my hands,
holding my heart
open to the wind,
we crossed time
beyond silence of stones,
you see my love,
I am the falcon, I am the song,
your love made me
simply open
to be human, to be a woman
and make a bridge of my heart
for all lovers to cross over
the chasm of everything
to encounter and fall in love
with their own soul.
I love myself
not like any other,
I am One.

~Serena Devi, Sept 2012 ~

Mend my wings

When dagger of your love
opens my heart,
nothing interests me anymore,
I get lost in longing
the lover inside me
has gone beyond the earth;
I survived your storms, whirpools and lonely roads,
I cannot survive the fire in my heart,
I know, I must to be silent,
let ache speaks of my gone years
in your search,
I cannot love you more,
break the rest of me,
let me go home,
mend my wings,
open a window
for my soul
into the morning.

~ Serena Devi, Sept 2012~

Behind all dreams

I close my eyes
and go to that place within my heart
cherry blossoms are forever
and San francisco’s shore always welcoming
under my feet,
I go to the place
I fell in love with my soul,
where my life began
as the journey committed to divine’s plan,
I close my eyes
and heaven opens her gates
and the love bird sings.

~ Serena Devi, August 2012 ~

Just now

At The edge of the earth and sky
there is a sacred place beholding
what I love the most
memories are strong and without reason
they show up
like a storm
or a rain, just before sundown
they come when I forget
the joy of his eyes
the warm of his lips,
just now,
I remember
the deep blue sky
he was born under
in the land of St Francis,
One night stars took him away from me
I was left with
a no fading love in my chest.

I grow universe
in my heart
so I could always reach him,
while memories riding this way
my heart gets full of hope
will I meet him again?
Just now,
it seems to me,
he has never left,
look at the full moon,
look into my heart,
we are together.

~ Serena Devi, August 2012 ~

A note to readers

Dear friends and readers,

I just want to express my love and appreciation to all, for your kind comments, likes and loving presence on my blog. My journey wouldn’t be the same without you. THANK YOU!

In love, In Gratitude

~ Serena ~

Into the world

Solid wood
carvers hands
ended up in a meeting
under a blue church of sky;
to build a bed
that I could lie down and dream.

One morning
I woke up
into a fresh smell of pinewood;

tossing my dreams into the sea
swimming inward, alone

into the world,
Mother of all rivers.

~ Serena Devi, August 2012~


Stay away from everything,
Stay just close enough;
sun for life
soil for seed,
beauty for eyes
wind for freedom
love for all.

~ Serena Devi, August 2012


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