Everyday in everyway


Everyday in every way, I discover a new part of me. In words, in colours, in silence, my heart enjoys, in this permanent longing to meet and embrace more beauty, passion, sacredness and above all, To meet God and be God, in each breath.
I love who I Am and who I will become. Every moment is intimacy within my heart and soul. This is how I ever imagined a true love affair, this nakedness and transparency which keep my heart vulnerable and open, at the same time invites fresh and new feelings. I crossed blood and fire and it was a time, that pain and wounds overwhelmed my existence and MORE than once I thought to give up what sings in my heart, to stay in fear and never question my believes….I am truly glad I did different.  
I let everything fall, break, disappear. I endured many loss and from a very busy and crowded space, I moved into solitary alchemy and transformation. Since 2008, I just let go and shed and rebirth over and over.
Evolution never stops, but pain stopped a few years back and then from wishing death, I began asking for life.
My path still continues,
I learnt to travel light
To keep my life simple
To look in and out with openness
To appreciate and value, everything and everyone.
To be fully present in my life, moment to moment and by sunset, let all disappear from my memories, into ocean of patience and surrendering to tides, as they rise and fall.
Love is not a feeling or emotion, it is not something we can give or take, we might try actions to show and manifest its effects, however Love is an inner space, when you arrive, you never leave yourself for another. You never betray your heart and all your needs end in that homecoming.
I am at home now, and the most delicious food I have, is silence, gratitude and creativity.
I am ending this sharing with tears in eyes and heart, knowing, I don’t need to know about life, future and happenings. I stand in love, silently witness existence, as waves rise and fall into ocean. I paint colours and I write poetry and I feel so deep and madly love….
For life, for you, for me, for beauty, sacredness, honesty and transparency
For truth.
All I can be, now and forever is grateful.

Thank you <3

Serena Devi

Fire of joy


Inside me, music moves mountains, leaves dance on floating clouds and love expands, gentle, silent and vulnerable.
My heart learnt many lessons inside the mysterious universe of my feminine petals. The deeper I travelled my heart, the lesser I spoke.
Now, I am here, in all beauty and secret of my human heart, as music plays and pull the strings, tears falling
Tears falling
And love reborn under moonlight of my feelings, my desires to embrace all of me. To create my pain and my joy
In this solitude, I lost all faces and names became without a noise and colors.
So, I heard silence.
So, I fell in love
With my own heart.
Gentle, sensual, sexual and erotic
Constantly whirling, drowning, melting, enjoying and burning
In intimacy and longing for more
Of God, of life,
Of myself.
I am burning to discover more of
Unknown, unmeasured and unlimited
Experiences of existence.
I am a rose, a song
A reflection of love
I am a dream
Never captured in words,
Soundless expansion of love
Inside love.
Ah, I am gone into music of colours,
Within my own heart.
No more longing, soundless burning
In fire of joy.

Serena Seraphim

Deep unto deep


A single bird, life and death

Waves rise and fall into depth of the sea.

It is impossible to stop,

Grow and more grow

Deep unto deep

Cyprus cries and  moon  lifts her veil

by each song.

Where are our bodies, our sole way into life…

Your eyes shine, mine awash in tears

The taste of pear and salt, the amazing blue of sky

And a heart wonders between lives, experiencing, growing death after death.

What is happening to us.

The game was simple; die and reborn like a sun, a constant rose and fall of the waves

A single wave, a dance of magic, deep unto deep of life

It is impossible to stop,

all the buried wounds are out, into open sea

courage touches the unlimited above the seagulls wings.

I know the taste of power and silence,

The solitary wave,

remaking a tapestry of all imaginary patterns of past and future

across the sea.

Kiss with me, the sacred edge of morning and night,

Sun and moon,

Life and death.

I love to dive into deep dark,

Sensing everything, no ladder to climb up,

No golden light to pray.

Just ME,

Feeling Me.

The silent movement of life lips

With her devouring fire

On my human skin.

Deep unto deep,

My soul speaks through my dead mouth

And my heart melts

Drop by drop

Into the uniting sea.

I lived a full circle

No point is my return.


Fire, a grain of sand.


Deep unto deep.

Beloved Lie beside me..


On the scars of old wounds,
I made a bed of roses,
soft, pure, open space of receiving..
Come and lie beside me
While joy melts the color of the petals
Love makes us one soul.
Free and mesmorizing.
It began with pain of daggers
It ended in taste of love’s nectur.
The warmth of your lips
On my wounded skin
Is an eternal promise
Never breaks,
Never ends.
Come and lie beside me,
Between crimson red of desires
And calming blue of sky
Having faith in our oneness.
Ah, beloved, wounds are a fairytale
Repeating the magic of flight
Over the rainbow
Of knowing and loving
Accepting and letting go.
Kissing is no longer a dream or a remedy,
It is an open invitation to feel myself,
To let life in
To touch the stars from the bed of roses
An invitation to be human again
And keep choosing better for myself, for you, for life.
Ah, I love your lips,
My scars are smiling
We are totality and perfection.
We are one.

Serena Seraphim