Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom

Be a Hero of your Heart

Journey of a hero is not a myth or a story. It is the core truth of each human being. We set ourselves to trails of challenges, deadly encounters with shadow. To thrive, to be stronger, to develop unbeatable courage.... Continue Reading →

Twinflame _repeat

Twinflame poem~ From Eternal Love poetry book available on amazon  You are my everything, My hums, my moans, My little love notes Beside our one pillow, All my doings in small or large doses are my earthy ways to seduce... Continue Reading →

Life with no past, no furure

‚ÄčI have been pondering on this thought and desire for a while, what if life is truly purposeless, what if nothing suppose to be planned and achieved. What if all we, humans will ever needed to do is to allow... Continue Reading →

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