Heart prayer for home coming


Friday 8th May – Heart Prayer
Today, I pray for what my heart truly desires, longs and been expanding to.
Our Beloved Universe,
bring me a place of resident, a place for rooting, for building and sharing. A place close to heaven and its music, a place that I invite lovers, friends, seekers and my true love in.
A place for teaching, eating, laughing, dance and celebration.
Beloved Universe,
Bring me the highest possibilities to be Who I am, serve the creator, share with others, in love, in gratitude and harmony.
Beloved Universe,
give wings and strength to my vision, to Seraphim Vision and, provide me whatever is required to establish this vision in form, to build House for all lovers of you, to take their soul journey in safety, sharing and warmth of their soul tribes.
Beloved Universe,
give me the freedom of all thoughts and emotions, all memories and old way of living, nothing to hold me back to stand, powerful and transparent as a SOUL, as a Divine Vessel and BE a devote to flames of Truth and serve as an Alchemist, and seraph.

May before the next full moon, this deep longing in my heart manifest in the most amazing possible way, as the honey drops of heaven fall on my head  in each breath and the stream of forever love and joy of divine presence in my heart flows. I said it in words, I surrender to present, I bow to whatever rise and meet me in this moment and the next ones. Grateful and humble, I am in love of everything, and may this truth that lives and breathe in me, manifest the dream of all humanity, “HOME COMING”.
Love you all.
So be it.

Collabortation with Seraphim Vision and Project

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Dear Friends,

The House of Seraphim Project has been a burning passion and vision of my life since 2008. The time has arrived to ask Universe to bring all Right collaboration and soul friends which are directed and guided to create and build this evolutionary way of living alongside this humble soul.

I am inviting all lovers of Truth, peace, Divine destiny who are initiated with fire to answer their own heart longing and join this project. Please take a responsibility to your heart calling and get involve.

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Rest in centre

Between all of the mess and glory which we call it life.
Where, we laugh, cry, pray, enjoy, afraid, make love, run, teach, unlearn, get confused, hurt, smile and finally when we had enough, get quiet.
Between all the masks we wear all through life, man, woman, lover, spiritual, poet, artist, teacher, master, begger, guru, traveler,..
Between all the chaos and noises… drop everything that you think you know,
no planning, no going or coming,
no knowing or not knowing
no words, no sound
listen to your centre.
rest in silence,
like a wave of an ocean,
like a bird in sky,
like a baby in her mother’s womb
like a day knowing her night
like a poem written without a pen
like a grape swimming in her own taste
like a lovers, kissing without a lips, touching without a body.
rest in your centre,
like a spring murmuring in her cherry blossom
like me, sitting alone on white sheets of my heart
knowing, one drop of your love
will turn everything in floating ocean of ecstasy.

I say no more, my beloved,
as no longer I know, who is here and who is gone.
Love is mute, magical and free.

Forever one

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I ask myself, what my heart already knows.
I love Him, I love Him
The one inside me, love breaks my heart
and I learn from the edge of pain to curvy line of dreams.

I love him, my forever soul.
Today, more than ever.
Come back and rise from my core
I am lost in mist and fog of my feelings.
Come back and hold your woman,
clear her tears with your touch
how wrong I was in listening to my mind,
Fragile moments of truth,
when silence is the only refuge.
Could we begin again, like a new seed out of the spring,
let me rest inside the warm of your land
nude and open, between soft green leaves
where wind and sun know all the secret
of my heart.
I ask myself, what has changed, is it within or out?
My heart, my tears, my unsaid words,

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From Brighton to the world

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IMG_0459Emotions are unpredictable factors of humanness, major part of physical experience relates directly to their vibration and how we translate them. Over the last few weeks, my life has been through major inner storms, felt like a complete vacuuming through deep parts of my being. Old emotional behavioral patterns and reactions all surfaced.

As deep as we wish to understand our current actions, normally it is afterword’s outcome that show us what our awareness couldn’t recognize at the level. This evolutionary journey takes place at different stages, sometimes we need time and solitude to observe, feel and allow the lesson to unfolds, other times, it is require a quick action and respond base on no logic or reason, with a leap of faith I guess, we name it.

In the coming few weeks, my life and many others on earth will change enormously without us could plan a thing, as…

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Usually life lessons come unexpected, all of the sudden you stumble and fall on a new landscape of discovery. Most of us, humans, mistaken loving with relationship. Loving rise from a neutral place of acceptance, allowing, openness and it develops into an adventure of self- realization.

In loving, you rooted in what lives in you and as you become more intimate with all aspects of soul, it grows and increase the personal power, it brings awareness and detachment. At the same time, its flame in the right direction fuels your soul journey and unfolds the Divine plan which is seeded in your existence, into a magnificent creation on form.

Relationships are how you choose to relate with love, within and without. It works more like the bridges to the source, like veins to the heart.

It changes all the time, it moves with pulses of awareness, sometimes slow and sometimes…

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A new season has began and this poem seemed right for the moment.

I travel with my heart,

over all bumps and curves of learning and growth,

I feel the warm breeze of a new life

touching my skin softly.

I have travelled deserts, forests and high mountains,

those silent cry of farewells, let go of what I loved so close.

Now, my suitcase is packed light

for the easiest journey of my life;

where I can breathe in ease and peace

where I can spread my wings of love

write and sing poetry, dance and serve lovers of God.

I travel with my heart,

through the cross roads of hope, faith and courage

to a new day, leaning on strength of my soul

enjoying the exotic scent of sandy shores beneath my feet;

Into the sea, into the land

my life grows into a bountiful tree,

full of ripen…

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