Forever one

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I ask myself, what my heart already knows.
I love Him, I love Him
The one inside me, love breaks my heart
and I learn from the edge of pain to curvy line of dreams.

I love him, my forever soul.
Today, more than ever.
Come back and rise from my core
I am lost in mist and fog of my feelings.
Come back and hold your woman,
clear her tears with your touch
how wrong I was in listening to my mind,
Fragile moments of truth,
when silence is the only refuge.
Could we begin again, like a new seed out of the spring,
let me rest inside the warm of your land
nude and open, between soft green leaves
where wind and sun know all the secret
of my heart.
I ask myself, what has changed, is it within or out?
My heart, my tears, my unsaid words,

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From Brighton to the world

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IMG_0459Emotions are unpredictable factors of humanness, major part of physical experience relates directly to their vibration and how we translate them. Over the last few weeks, my life has been through major inner storms, felt like a complete vacuuming through deep parts of my being. Old emotional behavioral patterns and reactions all surfaced.

As deep as we wish to understand our current actions, normally it is afterword’s outcome that show us what our awareness couldn’t recognize at the level. This evolutionary journey takes place at different stages, sometimes we need time and solitude to observe, feel and allow the lesson to unfolds, other times, it is require a quick action and respond base on no logic or reason, with a leap of faith I guess, we name it.

In the coming few weeks, my life and many others on earth will change enormously without us could plan a thing, as…

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Usually life lessons come unexpected, all of the sudden you stumble and fall on a new landscape of discovery. Most of us, humans, mistaken loving with relationship. Loving rise from a neutral place of acceptance, allowing, openness and it develops into an adventure of self- realization.

In loving, you rooted in what lives in you and as you become more intimate with all aspects of soul, it grows and increase the personal power, it brings awareness and detachment. At the same time, its flame in the right direction fuels your soul journey and unfolds the Divine plan which is seeded in your existence, into a magnificent creation on form.

Relationships are how you choose to relate with love, within and without. It works more like the bridges to the source, like veins to the heart.

It changes all the time, it moves with pulses of awareness, sometimes slow and sometimes…

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A new season has began and this poem seemed right for the moment.

I travel with my heart,

over all bumps and curves of learning and growth,

I feel the warm breeze of a new life

touching my skin softly.

I have travelled deserts, forests and high mountains,

those silent cry of farewells, let go of what I loved so close.

Now, my suitcase is packed light

for the easiest journey of my life;

where I can breathe in ease and peace

where I can spread my wings of love

write and sing poetry, dance and serve lovers of God.

I travel with my heart,

through the cross roads of hope, faith and courage

to a new day, leaning on strength of my soul

enjoying the exotic scent of sandy shores beneath my feet;

Into the sea, into the land

my life grows into a bountiful tree,

full of ripen…

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Wake up to blue sky

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Inside the vast blue sky, life moves effortlessly. The open space welcomes everything. Every morning, with seagulls cry and the sound of the beating heart, life invites you to meet your soul, in all reflections, all comes and goes, all silent conversations across a road, while someone sips on his coffee and the other one just observes the beauty of acceptance, love, and let go…all experiences are welcome when heart only knows loving… even when it breaks.. still is loving…and pain comes, then a friendly smile and surrendering deeper to tides of life, knowing; not knowing is OK. In this aloneness, we walk, we share and exchange glances and mystery unfolds.

We open to oneness, and breeze touches threads of your destiny, gently and sometimes even with storm of passion… you let it all come.. because at the end of all experiences, you have opened your life to life and…

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Move in

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Everything outside follows what you feel within, stop thinking about future, work and even how to make your living. Trust whatever you need arrives at the right time. One step at the time go in, listen to silence, the space of being everything, feel the perfection of your design, mind, body and soul, let all extra falls, sometimes their falling makes big storms and you begin to worry…
Worry not, stay still and let all extra falls, they are just clouds of thoughts, play ground of mind. You want to wash yourself in stream of heaven, be touched and adored by waves of love, you must sit in your heart, like a King, like a queen. Develop an eternal patience, to meet yourself, every layer, every gift, every wound… listen to the outside noise, it is changing moment to moment and one day, it arrives the echo of your…

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Some days beauty is too lonely,
standing beside a chair and an empty vase
waiting for the sunset.
Some days are just too long,
you lay on your bed
listening to falling rain,
smell of burnt candles
the empty side of bed
some days beauty is too lonely
to be a good company.
Night and moon, the radio show
and the next door cat prrrrrrrr
just before teardrops
closer to the end, the sound of sun fades away
into the dark, eyes rest.

Some days beauty is too lonely
all lights are gone
it is empty, the space, faraway lake
and the alley of memories.
Empty. Empty.

Serena Devi