Love Blows

Love blows

Nothing remains the same.

The barefoot sky walks on a edge

Of shadow and light,

Touched by passing lovers,

Undressed by Sun.

All questions end in fury of ocean waves,

Reaching warm moist sandy beaches of tomorrows.

It is not the first wave, overflows over

curves of waiting coasts, it is almost in

the end, when sun of yesterdays rests

In eternity’s bed, nothing remains

But a magic of a kiss

Between the loving lips.

Love blows,

Beside a naked woman, sounded sleep.

Summer nights are full of promises.

He may pass in her dreams, one more time;

With a smell of sandlewood and light touch of his fingertips.

Suddenly all thirst and urge disappeared

Behind the veil of pale moon.

Alone, she is alone in the face of memories,

The celebration of bodies, in passion, sweat and orgasms, behind the veil, the truth is fragile and fading.

Soul was peeled by love, scent of a lavender candle and sex,

before dawn, her heart turned red

And summer night became a cage.

She must run, out into aloneness of her feelings, into the unseen shores,

Crying over the wind’s shoulder

Waiting for hope, for his return.

Love blows, years are gone

She stands alone beside the cypress trees,

Eyes see, lips feel,nothing remains the same.

her heart is colourless wonderer

In poetry, loving and let go.

Memories, the fire of her blood, the power of her pen,

The mystery of a blade and endless curving of her soul,

Dying and continuing.

Beating in moving waves of ocean,

Unmoved within her own heart,

How can she ever reach to the other side?

Love kisses her lips

and soul flow over all dreams

Into the tomorrow’s Sun.

©Serena Devi

Story of now

Story of now
My physical reality sits on a sofa, sip on her Turkish coffee, looking at sky and moving clouds. It is 8.30am in Tehran, another warm day of summer. IPad is playing a song and as my attention moves between melody and silence, my non physical reality travels through feelings, time and space beyond my body.
These days, new feelings appearing, I have no name for them, I can categorize them, give them dimension and meaning, let mind makes new veils of illusion or I just can sit here, sip on my coffee and witness the rise and fall of attention thru moments, without interference of mind.
Is it grace or bliss? Is it “I”or not “I” that sees and hears, feels and let go of each breath!

I wonder…

I focus on my heart and smile appears on a face that is so beautiful🙂 and yet is no longer mine.

I am just swimming in moments and after years of constant appearance, control, direction, seeking, questioning, expecting, it is a true freedom to let life moves me, not knowing where I begin and where I will end.

I used to be attached to labels, being professional in work, in art, even in spirituality :)))

Today, I announce my nameless self, I am no one, no-thing. Empty, so empty that I can hear the echo of God’s laughter.

One dream has ended in a full circle, a new one began.

The never ending of love’s journey thru time, space, form and dimensions burnt my human skin, broken my human heart, over and over, finally awaken is full, here, in this gentle, soft and open moment which is called ” serena” and she is loved and universe thru her. 

This is my momentary self realization, simple and full of passion, embracing serenity and silence that life offers just right now, right here.
In dance of life.
~ Serena Devi

Human relations


~On human relation

Are relationships magnify our beings or  in their reflections we arrive to our own essence?
We born into and from awakening journey, encountering edges of growth disguised in relations, humans, animals, earth and nature, all dreams within a moment of discovery.
How far we travel to meet ourselves? To cross lands of shadow and darkness which lies within and there is no other way to fulfill this mystery of existence except facing all reflections, at anytime and any form. Learn to stand so still and look into another, into the mirror, let the edges disappear as eyes no longer see the image of mind, but, just what it is.

We meet our minds in everything, music, art, children, friends, enemies, peace, war, superiority, minority. It is in connections we recognise we are not what we think or feel we are. That is the first lesson in waking up. It is as dreamy as it appears as real, this imaginary sense of “I”and “You”, is the effect of reflections, the world of mirrors. Stay still, follow what beats inside, its voice is steady, alive and specious. It invites only Truth, which has no meaning that mind could grasps, and yet it is full of knowing.
Treasure truthful connections, with sky and moon, with water and roses, with strangers and friends, with lovers and yourself. Treasure your moments, full and empty, that is all you ever know and experience.
And wake up, wake up gently, passionately, purely, joyfully….
Wake up …

© Serena Devi

Fragile Rose


Life is a fragile rose,
Soft, pure, mysterious and beautiful.
It flow gently in our humans veins,
into green valleys of possibilities.
In her sacred ways, it blooms in blood of earth and heat of sky’s passion.

She bends, she stands, she murmurs between hands of wind,
She disappears in sigh of ocean embracing shores,
Ah, life is ache in my bones
Longing to reach out and be free.
My rose has been sitting
Outside of borders and storms
Inside the crystal cave of feelings
Not knowing what time brings,
Her petals are wet with tears,
Her lips, open, and hopeful
For the graciousness touch  of the mighty king.
Ah, life…beat faster, higher
Than any possible dream of mine,
My rose is disappearing in fragrance of solitude, years after years.

All roads ended in crystal palace of my feelings. How much love is gone and how much more are still here, inside my heart.
Ah, life
Touch me again, squeeze all of my being
This pain killed me over and over
And changed me million times
From day to night,
I died and reborn
Still waiting for harvest of my heart,
Give me who I am and silence will announce the homecoming of a queen.
Ah, life,
Kill me and let my heart
burst into thousands of traveling stars
Returning home.
I am just a fragile rose, dreaming my flight
Into forever fragrance of my feelings,
Never leaving, never arriving,
Forgetting everything,
In a sigh of joy
Meeting my shinning king
Before the next dawn.

I am just a fragile rose.

Serena Devi