No sense of self is left,
Carrying the same name and face
Something within is different,
New life is growing.

Soft and young,
Full of Love and innocence.
Admiring all she feels, sees and becomes.

Who is She?
Walking full of grace and peace,
Whirling, dancing, that is all she appears.
What she was, is gone.
No point to keep an image,
It goes with winds,
Or changes by Goddess of Tides.

Release the memories
Expand the presence.
Arrive in each moment,
Open to a new place and time.

Who needs a map,
Where we are arriving
Is not captured on any map.

Open your heart
Let the moment take you to your truth.
Eyes are no longer store a perception,
They are free to observe,
The unfolding of stillness.

The greatness of life,
Living inside, out.

Death only stops
The one who wishes to be stopped,
The awaken one never dies.

Time has arrived to change,
To answer the call,
To be an awaken Soul, full of joy.

Yes, Yes, Yes
That is what life is about, joy…

Embracing stillness, hidden in each giving moment,
Sun rays are coming down,
Seagulls are flying high.
Arriving to a new place,
Where blue Sky meets fertile Earth
Where Love begins.
Where suffering ends.

Gather together,
Celebrate and feast life of the new World.

Observe, observe
How Bridges appears,
Portals of light,
Carring All, safe and free back to ONE.
The time has arrived.
Wake up!

“© Serena Devi, Sept 2009,london”