You are touching my skin,
Bringing all senses to life.
Something inside is aroused,
tempted with all these sensation.

I feel your breathe,
On my face, on my neck,
Your lips finds their way ,
In silence of seduction between our hearts,
To capture the untouched, unreached territories of each corner of flesh.

Warmth of your skin, next to mine,
strength of your arms, around me,
Take my breath away.
Oh, cannot say more of your eyes,
Gaze into their depth
Is an unending journey within my own Soul.

Oh, my wonderful,
Open your arms,
Invite me back into the paradise,
Whisper, low and close,
Your breathe of longing.

Open the door of unreached castle of your closeness,
Sacred place of all unions.
Hold me between your presence,
Listen silently,
How my heart beats and arrives,
Over and over,
In mystery of your love.

Oh, wonderful,
Tie our hairs together,
Melt our hearts together,
Welcome me between colourful flowers of your garden,
You are my home.

© Serena Devi, Summer 2009, london