The same song,
Different lines,
A new place to begin.

Months are passed,
Heart has been patient,
Waiting for the greatness of his love, to arrive.

Now, now,
He has arrived,
With grace and nobility.
Love pouring in my heart,
the promise of our souls,
Manifestation of our vows.

I am in dance,
Yaree man has arrived.
King of my heart has arrived.
My companion, my anam cara has arrived.
My Lord, my earthy master has arrived.

Soul is shy and full of longing,
Lips are moist and inviting,
Arms are open for embracing.
Gazing into each other eyes,
Soul to soul, melody of life sings between us,
We are melting, dissolving in love.

Joy and delight,
That is what we become.
Kisses and more kisses,
We are naked,
Soul to Soul,
Clay to Clay,
Life flows like an ocean of serenity between us.
We have arrived,
Love is our welcome,
It is just the beginning,
Joy and delight,
That is what we become.

“© Serena Devi, Oct 2009, London, Chelsea”