Something passes,
Beyond my nature,
When we embrace.

You take me away,
From seasons and cycles,
Beyond forms and clays.

You unbutton my shirt,
Massge my skin with light,
Cover my breasts,
With your lips,
You throw away my reasons,
Out of this fast track,
Into ocean of air.

When I complain
Of too much heat,
Or cold,
You bring me closer to your chest,
You blow kisses all over my flesh,
When my eyes ask for more.

You take me away,
From time and space,
Beyond and above the earth.
Where my heart melts
With your promise,
To walk by my side,
Each step of the way.

I am vanished,
In your embrace,
Silently in pray,
That I never return to my nature.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada