I was asked
To stand on the ground,
Step out of my place,
That I call it clay,
Look into his eyes,
Look in others,
Find myself, everywhere.

Stay in open fields,
There are no doors,
or limitation,
There are no sign of shadow,
Or doubt,
When you breath his air,
You become like God.

Travel beyond the ordinary,
Stop the conversation,
Don’t ask why and how,
Your being here,
Is the answer.

You are asked,
To clarify your heart,
Invitation to feast of love,
Travel light,
Be prepare,
To embrace pain and cure
At the same time.
nothing seems what it is,
When God appears himself.

Stay in boundless fields,
With arms open,
To receive.
Hold on your thoughts,
Wake up to beauty of your soul,
Free yourself from chains and thorns,
Fly high with wings of love,
To meet and illuminated by his light.

I am nothing,
without him,
Soul is awake now,
and everything counts.
Every thought, emotion,
Action, even a breath.
Be a Master creator,
The highest level
Of vibration of his light.

The time of universal awakening is close,
Wake up to beauty of your own soul.
Leave all dungeons of ego,
You belong to kingdom of heaven,
Clay is only a place,
For a week or two.
detachment is the key,
To serenity, peaceful soul.

You are asked,
To join the carnival of love,
Leave everything behind,
Be the light you are,
Hurry, hurry,
We are heading home.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada