I am a lover,
liked to be loved,
In a hot tub,
Full of lavender and sage fragrance.

Feel the kind, generous hands,
Reaching on my shoulders,
Removing the weight of my thoughts.
Wrapping around
The reflection of moon
On each breast of mine,
Washing my hair,
With jasmine melted in eternal henna,
Combing the story of grey ones out of my hair.

Gently touching me,
To receive the grace of self,
Patiently showing me,
To fell in love with my essence.
Tenderly whispers the hidden music of seduction,
To give myself the permission
To care about my being.

Mornings, before dawn,
Nightingale sings,
The dreamer’s favourite song,
When I rest my head,
On the shoulder of a tub, taking bath,
When water takes me gently
In her softness and warmth,
Presses the fresh presence of a new sensation
Between my welcoming curves.

When something within opens up,
And ocean of love resonates,
In one simple touch.

I wrap my arms around my flesh,
My mind falls in silence,
Tears of joy arrive.
And when emotions are too intense,
To be shout out,
My heart weeps.
And my face crys.

Love grows,
Beneath a silent rose
Standing naked on throne of heart.
Pressing herself passionately
To each thorn of this magical rose,
And weeps with grace and devotion
To embrace the true lover.

I am in love,
With the woman I become.
True lover of my weeping heart.
I am whole,
As I become less and less “I”,
Empty of myself.

I am whole,
The deeper thorns press
To flesh of my loving heart.

With each laugh of heart,
On my nothingness,
I feel the joyful wholeness
under wings of my presence, as life.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2010, Thornhill Canada