Peace is a river,
Free of time,
Runs through my heart.

Peace is open gates of mind,
Passionate for sweetness
Of intimacy with empty space.
A visitor with no thought.

Peace is a crushed apple,
With teeth of my soul,
Squeezed juice of heart,
A promise,
To rejoice with love,
Through all seasons,
Cycles of life.

Peace is a cherry Mocha,
Blended with love fragrance,
Tasteful and seductive,
Racing my senses,
To final phase of my drink,
Knowing, the existence of refill.

A welcomed guest,
With a ready bed
covered in silk and lavender,
In centre of life.

A calm warrior
Dagger in hand, to stab
Noisy strangers,
With nails at sole of their shoes,
Up and down
Between chambers of heart.

Burns bridges around my island,
Brings the chariot of light,
Under my feet, blows me,
Into speed of an eagle,
Landing in present,
On the egg of Now.

Fills my lungs
With mighty space,
To breathe the air,
Full of Devine light.

Is a honey wine,
Flowing from garden of heaven,
Each drop,
Put a fire,
On ego’s garment,
Till ashes covers his steps.
Peace rolls in all space.

Peace is a whisper,
Of sky, stone, air and ocean.
A dance,
Between Now and infinity.

Peace is sacredness of life.
Peace is you,
Looking into my eyes,
With smile.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada