As far as any man can see,
God is every where.

As far as any man can reach,
Power of love exist.

As far as any man can be,
Oneness of soul is the truth.

As far as any man can choose,
Awakening could not be stopped.

As far as any man can stand for,
Freedom is our destiny.

Ready or not,
We all be tested
For what we love
And die for,
What we preach,
And live for.

We no longer have time,
To rearrange our acts
Our beliefs and words,
Warriors of light
Are downloading.
New conciousness
Is on a rise,
In womb of Now.

The time we remember,
Our contracts with God,
Dharma and karma will end.
Earth will be cleared of the old,
Fertile for new seeds.

The illuminated souls
will be embraced
By God.

I said it before,
I say it with urgency now,
Wake up to your own light.

Judgment day,
The resurrection,
Is not far away.

© Serena Devi, March 2010, Thornhill Canada