In the garden of Gods,
There are many cups.

A second cup,
Smaller than the first,
With a missing piece.
The silver spoon of moon,
Pours grace,
Covering the emptiness,
Much easier this time.

The missing part,
Restored by faith,
Magnificent dancer,
One foot on earth,
The other one in air,
Whirl and turn.

On the edge of fulfilment,
Absolute freedom
Of her hands and feet,
Remembering where she is coming from.

The bloomed lotus,
Risen from Narayan’s navel
A sudden change in direction,
That is normal between Gods…

She shrinks in one syllable,
A simple drop of light from ocean of milk,
Moving out of one realm,
Opens her flower into a new one,
In the form of a heart,
A complexion coral,
Painted in silver colour of grace,
Resonate abundance,
She dances and sings,
She sits carefree on her lotus
And breathe,
the fertile growth of organic life,
The reborn of the world.
She is the beloved of Vishnu
Goddess of Wealth and prosperity
She preserves and observes,
She pours empty cups
With grace and love
She is named Lakshmi.

© Serena Devi, April 2010, somewhere on planet Earth