Surrender to eternal love,
I receive,
Your desires,
In empty place of my clay.

A simple life of a dot,
Rises to the highest potential,
In one breath of yours.

My clay shivered,
When you stripped her off,
On stage of life,
The nakedness of soul,
Became her shield,
The truth,
Is the sword
You put in her hand.

She let go of all attachments,
Bonds and cords , all cut,
By the sword of truth.

Dissolved and devoted
To your love,
This piece of dust,
Dance playfully,
On your boundless sky,
To detect,
An empty, open, fertile spot,
Fall into
Intimate ocean of flow,
To make love with love.

In depth of your darkness,
My eyes opened,
Into the formless light,
The blissful love
Where I belong.

My lease with Earth residency
Is close to end,
Thanks to shiny transparent wings,
Now, I am ready to fly.
Return to womb of all.

Before the flight,
My destiny must be fulfilled,
In one act,
I must rise
To unite with all stars,
Ready to open to their light,
On the white milky way,
In a middle of many universes
Wrapped in darkness of night,
And whisper,
The remembering part
Of my spontaneous life.
I rise
With wings of love,
to unite all hearts,
With ultimate power of one.

The emptiness
In centre of the womb,
When the free will choose,
The final act, to sacrifice,
To rise
As a shooting star,
and fall,
Between your welcoming arms.

I am a shooting star,
On a rise,
Open your embrace,
I am coming home.

© Serena Devi, May 2010, Canada, Toronto