I have returned,
From feast of love
In Garden of Divine.

Heart is on fire,
Since rested my soul
In comfort of my twinflame’s
welcoming arms.

How could I talk,
Of spell of his heavenly lips,
Meeting my face,
Unforgettable kisses
Feverish messages,
Arriving from depth of his heart.

Only my burnt skin is left,
To cry, to echo silently
Pain of seperation,
Between our clays.

I know now,
I can’t change my heart,
meet again or not,
On visible Earth,
In realm of time and space.

The flame that brought us together,
The path connected our clays,
Is the place I rooted my soul,
Enveloped in Divine’s light.

No separation is real
between you and I,
We live in each other,
as One.
I know it now,
The answer of our longings,
The home of our belongings,
It is the garden of Divine.

Oh, love of my life,
My soul,
Join me,
In feast of love.

Can’t you see my clay,
Dancing, laughing
in purple field of all openings,
Surrender with yellow tulips
of all possibilities,
Waiting for you.

Oh, my love,
Dare to dream,
Dare to love,
I can’t change my heart,
you are all I am waiting for,
Come, come.

This is the last one,
The last play of our clays,
the last dance,
as One on stage of life.
Come, come.

© Serena Devi, June 2010,