The longing takes
The wanderer heart
To new places
Where uneasiness
Is the life style.

The sharp edged sword
To keep the warrior awake,

Comfortable shoes
Must go
When a naked soul
Steps on the path of love.

Adventure begins,
When heart longs to belong,
Thirst to know oneself,
To lose the self,
Dissolve and melt,
In another,
Where lover and beloved
Become One.

When the warrior chooses
The path of love,
Nothing could protect her flesh
Or soul
From heat of flames,
Burning is a constant
Fact and task,
To live and pass
The alchemy’s workshop.

The silent companion,
Cools her skin,
Ice the burns,
Still no remedy
For the heart that falls,
In love,
Except more love.

Earth quakes beneath her feet,
Underground volcano appears,
Burning lava flows and melts
What is not true,
To show what the truth is.

No roots could be safe,
To hold on life
When death arrives.
In surrendering
Passion of Divine rise.

Love is the bridge
A gateway to meet
A twinsoul,
Then two hearts reach
To multi orgasm,
Their one Soul yields,
Accept the burden of love,
The pain, sharp edges
Of the longing,
At all times.
Only then
Soul feels
Divine urgency
In which
God longs for twinsoul.

© Serena Devi, June 2010, Canada, Toronto