One’s life decreases
When the other
One disappears
When the other appears,
One’s time ends,
When the other begins.

When one faces the death
Must have the courage
To surrender to his force,
Shivers, shakes and cracks
All the way,
Without stepping back.
Then freedom arrives
To embrace the real life.
The breath
With no begin or end.

One learns
How to stay in love
With the mystery
In each fertile pulse
Of the heart.
With no rush
To arrive,
Or depart.

Constancy of Now
Is the place,
I can be,
I can long
All day long,
Without knowing
I am remembering my love
Only ache inside of my heart,
Is a reminder of “I”,
Apart from that,
I am all gone,
I am all you,
I am only the place
That loving you

When the ache stops,
I know
I am out of my heart,
My time here is over,
I will begin where I belong,
Inside of your heart.

I am dying in each breath,
Open your heart
Let me,
Meet you there.

© Serena Devi, June 2010, Canada, Toronto