Today, my bones are cracked from ache… push me and I leave the clay…
Re-post this… my voice is broken and my hands are disappeared in the fog…
Krishna, my love… cure my pain…

How could I stop the beating heart,
Even when ache is all it makes.

I am stretched in such a way
That only being out of the clay
Could be the answer of my prayers.

Get me out of this loop,
I am tired of this exile,
Where can I land,
if no place on earth welcome this clay.

All I ask is the death of my clay,
Freedom of all pain,
Jump into your boundless space.

I am scared to look into the reflection
Of my face,
What the world’s mirror projects,
Forgotten shades,
Old ghosts
Keep coming back,
Fear and pain
Hand in hand.

I cannot hold the tears,
When no courage is left for my lips
To smile .
I am tired of this journey
Inside out,
thorn apart from all ups and downs,
Where is my home,
where is my love?
How can my soul return?!!

I no longer feel alive,
Behind my beating heart,
Is the empty space,
possessed by pain.
Tell me when this pain will end,
I will end.

© Serena Devi, June 2010, Canada, Toronto