All I feel
is the ache in my heart,
You are so close,
But I can’t touch you.

Watching your eyes,
The emptiness opens up
Between yesterday and today,
Something came,
Something left.

It is early August,
I find myself in a middle of a winter,
My skin is so cold,
Blood flows in my frozen veins,
My body is a passage of pain.

The masquerade
Is a funny rehearsal
Of this play we call life.
When audience and players,
All must get dress
To cover the coldness inside of hearts.

To hide the transparency
The vulnerability
When heart loves…

Time changes all faces
Where else my heart could go
When she has lost her glow…

Shall I stay or go
Stillness cries,
You are so close,
But I can’t touch you.
My body is a passage of pain.

Where are the bridges
That we crossed once
Hand in hand
Entering you, Entering I.
Stretched our hands,
Ended the masquerade
Got undress,
Swam in love.

If I arch my body,
Let the pain flows
Will you stretch your arms
Make a bridge
Under the rainbow of love
Over the clouds
Stronger than our differences
From one bank to the other
Tie our hearts.

Touch each other
Enter you, enter I
Enter Now.

Shall I go or stay,
Between you and I,
Only love
Could remove the veils….

© Serena Devi, August 2010, Canada, Toronto