The glass house
Full of all predictable glories
Fall in pause
When willow tree branches dances
Between light and shade.

In this lifetime,
How much patience has left
To dissolve in pause.

To listen to swallows
Soundless wings
Softly open the calm air.
Not too fast, not too slow.
Empty space, gets full.
Tranquility grows
In silence.

How gently time stops,
How easy attention moves
From the inside of glass house
To unknown landscapes
Where each pause
Lands, creates.

Is a vulnerable red rose
with a short life of her own,
Prepare to gamble
Her life for the sake of beauty
To make a legacy
Or die anonymous.
Between the begin
And end of a pause
Choice makes her destiny.

How much patience has left
To pause,
In this life time
To give a life to a choice,
To make her destiny.

© Serena Devi, August 2010, Canada, Toronto