Resident of the void

I dreamed
In the dream, I fell
Inside of his wild eyes,
Between the thousand petals
Painted in white,
A dark hole hidden inside.

In centre,
The dark lord was sitting on his throne
Burning sage in his hands
Eyes everywhere, no sound, no shape,
Absolute was the place.

I flew in all direction,
To find the exit path
Unaware that entrance and exit opens
Through the same crack
On the wall of time.

Absolute glowed,
Every step I took,
The separation was impossible.

The dark marks on my white garment,
Thorny ache inside of my heart,
Dark lord drew a map on my existence
In a shape of his palms.

In a distance,
Sun was rising
Open fields, garden of lilies,
Sparrows on their way back home,
I was still a prisoner
in depth of my fearful thoughts.

One day, courage was born
I fled myself free of the illusion of outside
Too many years were wasted in fears, doubts
I returned to dark lord,
To house of void
Became silent admirer of his dark eyes
The fragrance of flowers
Showed me,
The way out…The way in…

I woke up in a middle of the dream,
I changed the dream.

Oh, valleys are waiting…. Clouds are weaving a rope for my next fly
From there, I could see all golden paths to his kingdom.

I left the house of illusion behind
No dust could keep my eyes blur
I claimed my vision,
I broke the spell
Once for all
For myself,
For you,
For whoever wants to return
To darkness of void
To absolute.

There is no death
Life is a simple walk from
The living room of intention
to the flourish garden of possibilities.

My walk started a while ago,
When dark lord crowned my head
With green threads of earth
Put the love inside of my heart,
Now, all I know is loving
I must love
Love insanely…

I am with the dark lord,
I am resident of the void.

© Serena Devi, August 2010


2 Comments Add yours

  1. trixy says:

    I’m in love with your voice!
    its everything that one could hope for…
    both hypnotizing and magnetic.

    amazing concept 🙂
    i can get lost in your verses.

  2. Serena Devi says:

    Dear Trixy, thanks so much for your lovely comment, I am flattered. it is hard to judge your own voice;-). it is always nice to share the journey with kinder soul like you. Much blessing

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