I know,
One night more,
I die,
And the sun will be reborn.
The calendar will be marked
And the guardians of my tomb
Exhilarated, will celebrate my ascension.

What am I to you, when I am gone…
The prisoner freed
from the cage of your silence.
I’d like to think, you took a pleasure
While I scratched
the visibility of my humanness
In all the games
I played upon the face of earth
To have your attention,
your care.
what am I to you,
when you grow silence
Behind sycamore tree
In garden of love
Anytime, moon light shines
To lighten my dark night.
I cry from the ache in my heart.

I am daughter of Isis,
I don’t know any other kingdom
except boundless land of love.

One night more
I shall die,
And you can continue the charade
Stay indifferent
Outside of the cage
Playing God…

Or you could let it happen
let your tears darken the sky
In the face of storm,
Lose your heart to passion inside.
And admit
Your destiny has changed
By three whispered words
From lips of daughter of Isis,
Over and over
Life after life…

I died
Stepped into the dark forest
Beneath my ancestor’s tomb
The black snake left his mark
On my white breast
The sacred boat
Took me back to the womb of creation.

I left you
The moon,
I left you,
The shape of my heart,
I left you
The boundless land of love…

What am I to you
That I am gone.
Your silent cage no longer
Could hold my light,
or my love.

I die
And the sun will be reborn
My river will rise and fall.
I am a goddess
Crowned with love
I am daughter of Isis.

© Serena Devi, October 2010