My sanity got lost
When I fell
In Labyrinth
A single
non-branching path,
Which led to the center.

I thought I am finished
But my mind bent around
To soften the path,
It was hard to follow
without a thread
Court after court
Chamber after chamber,
Walls covered with figures
Endless wonders.

Closer to the centre
A tiny passage
Fronting to
The sacred hall
With four pillars at each side…
I found the Goddess
Sitting on a throne,
A cup in hand
Pouring honey wine…

I drank,
My body started circling
opened my eyes
Nothing seemed the same…
No sing of Labyrinth.

Did I return to where I began?

There are secrets,
Unknown to ears,
Or eyes
The passage inside heart,
Will lead the silent warrior
To unknown turns and twists.

Legends say
If the warrior
Is brave, faithful to his call
And not devoured
at the midpoint,
Path leads surely,
Despite twists and turns,
Back to the beginning…

© Serena Devi, October 2010