Ivory shell returns
to the blue ocean
When moon moves out of
The dark tent of the night
Filled by mystery of air
Full of dreams…

Waves move her forward
To new unknown shores
Over and over

Ivory shell comes back
Doubtful, uncertain
Tears in her eyes.

She comes back,
Surrender to what it is,
Shimmering stars
Behind her eyes
Celebrates her new birth
In light.

She comes back
Hollow within
Empty of knowing…
With a heart of a child
And a smile
Embracing all.

Her hard skin transformed
In heat of joy.
Her search
Ended her
In a fluid milky path
Sky, earth, ocean, stars
Through the magic of heart
To eternal.

Sun rises
Over her transformed shell
Wind carries the song of longing
Over the earth,
Silently playing her heart
In the flute of Shiva
” stay with me,
the eternal ocean”.

© Serena Devi, November 2010