In direction of darkness
Curious Mosquito fly high.

Between colourless clouds
Waits at each stop sign,
For happiness
To begin her walk.
Joyful mosquito
Jumps over the pond of now
Her fragile narrow wings
Opens width the blue sky.

After all delays,
A random act of kindness
could be the event
put the motion
Beneath the purple flower’s skin.

So, that is how one forget
The length of time.
A stranger tastes sweeter after each bite,
Crystal salt melts on happy ice,
While the curious mosquito
breaks the record
Before hits the ground.

Empty jars,
Full jars,
Different labels,
Worthy fly
Who knows
Where each journey begins
Or ends,
In an old
a new corner
Of silence.

Playful mosquito
In search of a playmate
In direction
of darkness.
She will find many stop signs
Have her chance
to meet happiness,
The rest
Is up to her
To keep the pace.

© Serena Devi, November 2010