Serena Devi is celebrating her arrival on earth today… Thank you Earth, sky, sun and moon for your welcome. My deep gratitude to all people who are holding love in their hearts and sharing it with me, with us, with universe…. loving all.

I need
To breathe your air,
I open my eyes
To remember
I am here.

I need to be the pen
Between your fingers,
Write about love
And sometimes scream
My thirst, my need
To be kissed by your lips.

I need to fall down
on your earth
Get hurt
cut my skin
So I could be healed
in your arms.

I need to die
Every night
So with your morning breeze
I come back to life.

I need to get lost
In your dark forest
So your white doves
Find and rescue me
From stepping in dirty holes.

I need you to know
I go to sleep
So we could make love
Away from curious eyes,
I need to pray
To wake up
Wrapped in your arms
Weightless and soundless
Like the white clouds

I need you to know
What I really need
Loving you
Loving all.

© Serena Devi, November 2010