His eyes open to the forest
Familiar tracks, chasing preys.

The Black panther
Ready to dig deeper,
The enemy kicks
under layers of soft skin.
Numb pins pushes
inside the wooden memories.

His strong muscles
Urgently in need
To move,
To shape an action,
Defeat or be defeated
Before be paralyzed
By ruthless fear.

Huge orange dusty shape,
Sits on his chest
Heart beats fast,
Stranger air leaves his lungs.
The panther is in agony
The world inside is dying,
To him,
it seems
there are many dark trees
Hidden in the familiar world.

His moving fast
His gaze pushes
the bushes aside.

Small parrott
Fly over
drops a leaf
On his dark head.

His senses slow down,
“am I outside,
or still walking in the familiar woods?
Remembering old wounds”.

Noise everywhere,
New hunt is on
Dogs barking,
Men on their horses
Excited of the chase
Black panther is the prey.

He jumps into the air
Between two rocks
Face the faceless enemy,
the killing fear.

Opens his eyes
To silent forest within
He let go
He fall.
His heart stops.

The black panther dies
Outside of all forests,
And save
His inner world.

© Serena Devi, December 2010