If we meet again
I will tell him
Sleep next to me,
face to face,
In love, with sky.

I will invite
the warmth of his hands
To shy shore of my being.

let my lips soften
the road between our hills,
silence walks again
on the welcoming bridge
Between our loving hearts.

If we meet again,
I open to his face
like a sun
I comb his long hair,
I put his head to my heart
To listen,
while my love grows.

Taller than a tree,
higher than sky
My love grows out
of all shapes and skins,
Goes to the point of no return.

I hardly sense the separation
His passion is awaken
in my feminine roots.
Holding us tight as one.

Wind blows on our faces,
While love transforms
The sunflower’s field between us
East to west
to air bubbles.

If we meet again,
We begin
As immortal soul
No force on earth
Could stop
Our rain,
Our silent trust.