A day in silence,
The ache expands
and heart feels alone,
Tears runs on my face.

Cracked woman in love’s web
How long does it take
to dissolve completely in love.

Through the dark night
Nightingale fly in
Cinnamon stick
between her beaks.

Behind her wings
I see
The shadow of the king.

Mesmorised by his beauty
I fell in silence,
Drunken by fantasies,
cinnamon blooms
In my mind.

Vishnu’s breath
Freshen the air,
The king is here.
We have much to share.

When do I know,
There is a right time
To disappear.
Vishnu, my king
I am in love
Don’t know, where to go
What to seek
Being with you,
Is the only place,
I could live.

A day in silence
is not enough
I want eternity,
with you.
with us.

I could only leave
My heart beat behind
when I am sober,
I leave everything.

I disappear,
In my beloved king.

© Serena Devi, December 2010