Riddle after riddle,
Thread after thread,
You untie
The mystery,
Magical life.
Leave a silent apple
In my open palms.

without clear ears and eyes
Darkness is the only hope
Keeping the thieves away.

Your dream grows
In rose garden
Away from the hostile guard,
I jump up and down
to bite my apple
In quiet alter of your sky,
when twisted fate
Standing at the other side
Biting his nails,
To accompany me
To the next mission
On earth.

Can’t wait
For the next milestone
On my path,
more apples falling
From the heaven.
When tree is full,
Falling is
an effortless action.

It is too late to change
The length of my arms,
Living in moments,
Is a swift shake
To the tree,
to have an apple in hands
and bite
Free of all thoughts.

© Serena Devi, January 2011