Love, compassion, faith,
Dwelling in now.

Love, the first treasure,
Teach to play,
Share our toys,
Give, with no condition.

Compassion, a second one
Be felt deep inside,
Cannot be seen,
Yet reveals the mystery
of human’s heart.

The last treasure,
The unending one
the unseen bridge
From here to eternal,
A priceless ticket
To Feast of God.

The wise seer,
Crosses the secret way of life
Sheltered in silence.
Face himself alone,
The shade,
Under the sameness
of the moon,
and the Sun.

He leaves
all books behind,
Hold close
to his three treasures.
Walk light,
rest short,
eat less.

Forgets himself,
Become love,
Become compassion.
Stay unmoved,
Neither dark,
nor white,
Become faith
Soar everywhere
As far as
The kingdom of silence

© Serena Devi, January 2011