A Voice Through the Door….A poem by Rumi

Sometimes you hear a voice through the door
calling you, as fish out of water
hear the waves, or a hunting falcon
hears the drum’s Come back.
Come back.

This turning toward what you deeply love
saves you. Read the book of your life,
which has been given you.

A voice comes to your soul saying,
Lift your foot. Cross over.

Move into emptiness
of question and answer
and question.

~Mevlana Rumi


3 Comments Add yours

  1. ram0ram says:

    dear and divine serena ….. Knockout ego………….., before knocking …….

    in emptiness there are no questions…..I am the I am….just you…

    love all…

  2. Serena Devi says:

    So true… the silent emptiness …where we all live…thank you dear friend…love all

  3. Thecatsman says:

    “Read the book of your life,that has been given you”….and comprehend what it is saying…

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