Days and nights,
Love walks
in the garden of life,
Hunting preys
For her master,
my soul shivers.

Behind thorny bushes,
Red roses smile,
Bend their backs,
Worship the soil
Beneath their roots,
To be,
To observe.

Indigo sky
holds his breath,
His eyes spy
On adventurous Love.
How she drinks wine,
Tempt the innocent heart,
To fall,
Intimately embracing
the mystery of creation,
Living in wholeness
Mind, body, soul.

I have a body,
Full of feelings,
capture my essence.

I am the effect
Of love
Passing through,
Free from all causes.

I understand,
My tiny existence,
Is nothing
I willingly play
The game of love
Playing by my Beloved.
From hide and seek,
To who is the king…
sunflowers in the field
Know it all,
Bend towards his light,
Touching the sky.

I rub my skin,
To his velvet touch,
Stay all night,
Inside his walls,
Listen to the moonlight’s poetry.
Where is my body?
I no longer tremble
In presence of love,
Is my essence.
Beloved, love, me
we are One.

The moonlight
Whispers poetry,
Love walks in
The garden of life,
My soul grows
In joy,
Beloved smiles,
Wholeness begins
with no ends…

© Serena Devi, Feb 2011