My kitchen is orange,
My bedroom painted
In lavender.

My books are on the shelves,
Curtains are silk,
Torquay green.

Two crimson armchairs,
A poet,
with a friend.
Bite pieces of a cake
Eating friendship,
Laugh spontaneous.

One mirror
in a hallway,
one heart,
An open door
To the world,
Many possibilities…

A new life,
between walls,
In boundless space,
To be,
To choose
New things,
New ways
of seeing
And living.

All paths,
arrives to
One truth.

We never leave home,
Just short,
Long walks
Around the block,
Around the world.

Perhaps new furniture,
Or new paints,
Change the curtains,
or add few shelves.

The mirror,
Reflects the truth
of our home.
Keep it polished.

© Serena Devi, Feb 2011