Dear God,
give me a heart, beats with your pulse,
Give me a heart, sings your song,
Give me a heart, dances in your spring.

A heart, connected with earth, ocean,
stars and lights,
connected with serpents, hummingbirds,
eagles and jaguars.
A heart, to link west to east,
north to south,
to link, past to future,
on a bridge called Now.

A heart, to give and take,
harmony, rhythm and love,
laugh and sharing with all.

Dear God,
Give me a heart, to cherish, to honor,
to share life with all creation,
Give me a heart, full or empty
but never half and half.
give me a heart, that could hold
the love I carry inside…
For you, for myself, for my family,
for my friends, for all strangers that I will meet,
For all the lost ones, for all the forgotten ones…

Give me a heart,
to dance in spring,
To hold on love, no matter what,
and trust and believe
I will be with my twin
in this lifetime.

Dear God,
give me the heart
that in her reflection,
you see
© Serena Devi, here, at home, on earth … March 2011