For many years,
I felt only my love
for you.
Storm came,
lost in the whirpool of change,
Hurt myself
the skin opened up,
Deeper inside,
bleeding didn’t stop.
“I” died,
Pain left the nest.

Days, weeks, months later,
something new was born,
a different me,
in a different lake,
not alone anymore.

I found myself
in your arms,
Raised up
To more than I could be.
Raised up,
To fullness of life,
to sacredness of my soul.

for the first time,
I felt your love,
for me.
I was healed, cured,
I was reborn.

I saw you,
In me,
I saw us,
Dancing in timeless space
Beyond mind
and its reasons.

I am
a traveler in light
in the spaceship
called love,
Passing through Earth…
Sharing what I learnt,
Loving what it is.

I am you,
Within and without,
As above,
So below.

You turned me
Into paradise,
I am
your garden of love.
Sharing fragrances,
 I am the Rose,
inside out.

beautiful divine,
Where else could I be,
could I go.
I am in grace
swimming in the lake,
I am You.

© Serena Devi, March 2011