The only moving thing
Around still mountains
are birds.

One, two, three,
In line with air,
Align with earth,
Whirl upside down,
Look into invisible
Find the direction.

The earth is moving,
Birds must change
into wind,
Breath deeper,
Enlarge their space,
Get involve with
Speed under their wings.

Still mountains,
were here first.
Grass is everywhere,
Freshness of flight
a repeating premonition,
when desire to own
is gone.
sky, earth, clouds,
the power behind all flights,
All fall and rise
from the same world.
A complete circle
Around time,
Free landing
On green grasses,
vanishing in joy.

Radiant and bare,
One, two, three
Silent companions of wind,
Fall in deep calm
face of the mountains.

Their spaces
Enlarge forever
In one.

© Serena Devi, May 2011