In deepest green forests

Among the hills and valleys,
In deepest green forests,
my small world grows.
One day lilies,
The next,
wild poppes bloom.
Don’t ask me,
What season I come with?
Or what kind of air,
I bring?

Breathe with me,
Meet me
With open eyes,
In deepest green forests.
to what echoes in
my unsaid words.

Move into my shadow,
Throw away your maps,
and malas,
Who cares how many times
you went to church,
Or kissed the cold solid ground.
For where you want to come,
You need to grow
Unbreakable wings.
The secret reveals,
You need a vision
Of the shields
You left behind,
A dream,
of bloomed flowers,
Dancing in
purple tent of the rain.

Divine magic speaks,
When feminine power
Rises like a serpent
To the open future.
Entry into
The sacred space
of love,
Up the stream,
Touch the roots of faith,
At the corner
Of each human heart.

It is near,
Yet not
completely ready
to come.
Like a bride,
Keeps her groom
In waiting…
Where is she?

White swans
the gatekeepers of grace,
arrive first,
with strength of spirit
to touch your heart,
with courage,
cast out your deceptions.

You reborn
in golden open fields,
my new neighbor,
rises like a phoenix.
Your small world
emerges in my dream.
Do you know
how to reach sun,
how to know,
the unkown?

Meet me with open eyes,
And listen to my silence,
Inviting you into
the mystery
that lives in your soul.

See the world
as it changes
all the time.
Like a wild horse,
Like a transformed butterfly,
Across the open fields.
Bring your vision
to power,
and live
within the sacred truth.

Breathe with me,
Rise with the waves,
Call the rains,
Cleanse the earth
With love.

Become a deep,
dark, green forest
Like me,
And follow my tracks
the silence,
be the echo of
my unsaid words.

In the morning light,
We live as one.

© Serena Devi, May 2011


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Serena, this is so moving. I shared your words [and link ] towards the end of a Gaia Minute meditation today. Thank you.

  2. Serena Devi says:

    Thank you Meenakshi, i am just a vessel and the player is Divine, thankful to ALL, Namaste dear friend.

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