As you move in me…

If you give your hands to me
I put them next to ocean waves,
I let winds blow
The mystery inside my earth,
My white curves,
To hardness of your chest.

The foams movement
Shape the rocks,
And mad seagulls
Dive deep
In unshaped fluid moment
To open the crack in time
As ecstasy leaps out
from their wings
and cypress smiles.

you and I kneel
to kiss the ground of love
As the sun goes down
And sky turns red,
Your breath towers on my lips
Brick by brick
My mouth full of you,
you enter to my flash
I would never be the same.
If you give me your space,
I fill it with fragrance of love,
Seed and water,
I paint my dream of having you
In full panarama landscape
Where I begin
Not knowing
where I will end.

Ah, give me just a drop
A touch,
A hello
To all my coming
days and nights,
My eyes looking
at your directions
For too long
When shall we meet again.
Four years of writing letters
humming ” I love you “
I blow them in the wind
And I grow
Rain and mist
Valleys and vineyards.
I enter into the silence of leafs
Just above the golden bridge
I listen
to your unspoken love
Free myself from
what has been kept inside
longer than my life,
I give my hands to you
Promise never turn back
From your love.

We jump
Ebbing in current,
Floating in love,
We stay in forever ocean
Like a small tides
We rise above the ordinary
We find the world we belong,
In our sacred make love
We open the gates of all secrets
To sweet darkness
Where the night could
breathe in herself
As you move in me
The tiger within my heart
Rests in peace
Between lilac sheets
I hum my last words
“I love you “
And fade away.


someone is coming

Leaning into the new dawn
My loneliness stares
Into your silent eyes;
I die, I sink
Like a green small boat
In vastness of love
Drown forever
In solitude of the sea.

I grief in black cloth
While sun dries
My wasted emotions,
Repeated feelings
Salty with tears.

How easy I end up
In verses of sorrow
Till I remembered the earth
And met your infinite eyes.

Across the bay
I saw you,
My distant lover,
You looked like my soul,
Quiet and calm,
innocent dark
Inside all livings.

I leaned to kiss your lips
Moon surprised of my boldness
Pushed the drunken butterflies
To the centre of light,
Magic whirled around the stars,
Into the wind,
In the same night,
My heart span around
Destiny began…

I too ka flight
, higher than hope,
farther than faith
somewhere above the stars
I disappeared into the dark night.

All sounds ends in silence.
All roads end up into my heart.

Tell me
How to speak with your silence,
And not be afraid
To lose my soul
Between shadow
And space.
I lean to kiss your lips,
Nothing is enough
For empty cups,
I must embrace the storms
drown deep inside my heart
how many is left?
One week,
One day
Or just an hour,
Before your gaze
Rings the distant bell
I return form a long absence .

If I only be sure,
Love climbs with me
To your heights
before and after each dawn
I let my tears start
I weep my love
Heavy drops
into your heart.

Between spring
and sunflowers field
I begin to walk
In infinite love…
Over the bay,
I see a soul like me,
My heart burst in joy
Someone is coming,
someone is coming.