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In deep dark blue sky lives many unknown stars, the seeds of pomegranate are the silent keepers of mystery; Experience life wisely and keep still in the face of the storm; the silent heart speaks the tongue of love, the quiet river knows the secret way to the ocean of serenity. ~ Serena Devi ~

A note to readers

Dear and beloved friends and readers I thank you deeply for your kind presence, comments and likes on my blog, it has been an amazing journey to eternal love, to meet my soul and unveil the depth of longing and yearning to be united within and out, in wholeness and oneness with divine, with all….

~ Serena ~

Life is my right Light is my nature I won’t be defeated by the darkness around, I no longer sleep walk serve the fake king. I am the rising Sun I stand in my own light, alone or hand in hand with the ones who choose awakening at any cost. I shall rise to highest…