Join the tribe gazers,
Tied up your gaze into mine.
With each breath,
Move in and out of each other.

Rub your soul to mine
Sense our existence,
Smell the fragrance of flowers.
Oh, my beloved,
I cannot save you
or myself from love.
It is a race that no one can win.

Surrender, see beyond flesh,
That is where love stands
Lets discover together.
Every cell of my body
cries with joy,
in our closeness, oneness.

Don’t frown
I cannot leave you behind.
Heart could not be separated from Love.

Be the fire,
I dance around you like a butterfly,
Burn me in and out.
I have turned to hundred stars,
You are the boundless sky.

Beloved, dive deep in,
Gaze into my eyes,
Get drunken with your own reflection,
Secret speaks through longing of heart.

Don’t avoid love’s pain,
Taste its pleasure,
Be my lover,
Arrive, arrive.

© Serena Devi, October2009, London