Just now

At The edge of the earth and sky there is a sacred place beholding what I love the most memories are strong and without reason they show up like a storm or a rain, just before sundown they come when I forget the joy of his eyes the warm of his lips, just now, I…

A note to readers

Dear friends and readers, I just want to express my love and appreciation to all, for your kind comments, likes and loving presence on my blog. My journey wouldn’t be the same without you. THANK YOU! In love, In Gratitude ~ Serena ~

Into the world

Solid wood carvers hands ended up in a meeting under a blue church of sky; to build a bed that I could lie down and dream. One morning I woke up into a fresh smell of pinewood; tossing my dreams into the sea swimming inward, alone into the world, Mother of all rivers. ~ Serena…


Stay away from everything, Stay just close enough; sun for life soil for seed, beauty for eyes wind for freedom and love for all. ~ Serena Devi, August 2012

no title …

I believe in the silence behind my voice knowing, “I” will not speak again, stepping outside of all doubts wonders of love begin. ~ Serena Devi, August 2012~