Cyprus, good morning

Cyprus, landoflove

​Dear friends,

First of all, thank you for being part of my journey and pilgrimage of self realization over the last few years, the story is long, enough for a book !! which I will begin from next month.
Life constantly unfolds our purpose, since I arrived in Cyprus on 7th October, I witness many shifts in my reality, moving from one world into another, there were momentary fear, resistance, uncertainty and days of ecstasy and joy, timeless floating and perfect manifestation of heart desires…

Magic breathe here, in this amazing authentic Island and after years of alchemy and let go and accepting my time of solitude in cave, alone, without knowing when it is over, or having a personal contact except on fb, I am finally in a place that I dance, swim, enjoy and love and be loved, effortless, free and exhilarated.
I will move to an apartment…

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