Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom


July 2017

Daily shifts

Energy is moving and expanding fast. I never remembered so much intensity in flow of Chi in my body. Feels a renewal of DNA, complete removal of past, let go of all habits, patterns and beliefs. Bridges to any comfort... Continue Reading →


Moving faster into Light

​A bonfire week so far. Last Saturday a lifetime wound of abandonment released with all related illusion stories and cycles. Immediately after an encounter with my own shadow through a new mirror and since  Monday heavy clearing and deeper anchoring... Continue Reading →

Glourious One

​Poetry is land of a bare heart. I am returning to true home of joy and delight.  ~New Poem  Beside my beloved I lay,  naked and soft. Gentle sound of my wanting Echoes in songs of morning sparrows, My true... Continue Reading →

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