Pilgrimage of Heart

I was questioned about what NEW EARTH Unity stands for and does?

For a time being, I only can be the “VOICE” and speak of what brings all hearts into flames, BEING ONE, BEING WHOLE, Being TRUE.

This is my walk, and as humble as I am, it is time to rest and have a place to anchor and ground all ACTIONS required for this Foundation. I have nothing as Human Possessions left and also my physical body asking for a resting place. I am putting this post out as a COLLECTIVE CALLING, Sharing my personal Soul Journey as open as I was guided. I am calling in MY HOME, MY SOUL TRIBE, MY PARTNER and FLAME into REALity.

Please share, join and stand in your truth. WE ARE ONE.


Pilgrimage of heart is a pathless path, asking for intimacy with every feeling and emotion, to know the deeper wounds, honor our human ache, agony to grow and expand joyfully in our inner landscapes, to be empowered and move through moments courageously. To say “YES” to live authentic, free and loving. To say “No” to bondage, people or situations that feel not right for us.

In 2008, I surrendered my Human will/Ego Power to Divine Will, at the time, I did not know what really the surrendering means. I just knew I need to follow my heart and against all odds and losses, staying truthful to my inner reality, through many trails and unknown moments, facing fear and step even deeper into faith and love kept me align to fire of my heart.




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