NewEarth Frequency Stabilizer 2020

New Earth MANIFESTATION, FEQUENCY STABILIZING and Freedom Codes, January /March 2020 Forerunners/ Captains/ Architects/Frequency transmuters

Imagine you are dancing on a scene and suddenly music stops but your body still in cycle of movements and takes few more seconds to become still, stands at zero and open up to a new song.

In September 2019, we experienced a major reset and return to zero state, individually as well as collectively, followed by wiped clean of mind and any data regards our divine mission to locations or how and what of Being THE ASSIGNED AVATARS in New Earth Birth into Physical dimension.
Since then, October, November and December, were months for completion of inner merge of Monad God and OUR SOUL, OCEAN AND A DROP.
Many of awaken forerunners suddenly were unrooted from their template board ship and was sent to new geographic location, even their soul and human tasks changed. Some become more active physically and some fell into stillness even more.

The last four linear mouths were required for individuality of Stars seeds to remember and adopt their Orginal Essece and come fully active as Freedom Code holders, they are the bridges between formless Force of One knows as Divine Will and direction of that Will in Alchemy of New Earth, strategically all designed through Blue Print of Gaia/Solar System/ And StarSeeds.

In January 2020, a complete new cycle is coming online, it is a rotation of frequency between a triangle golden pyramid, has a ratio aligned with Orginal Blue print of NEWEARTH which currently work and stabilze the highest frequency to support Life between
Form and formless

1- Forerunners physical body/Active DNA and dominating Frequency (Joy)
2- Lands/ Water/Magnetic fields ( Purification)
3- Linear Global economy Events, natural happenings,catastrophes, Inventions, Ecology ( Stablizing)
4- restructure of governments in lower frequency countries ( Shadow clearing )

Holds the unmanifested intention, the potent possibilites, purest vision
Which in our Ascension Purpose known as Freedom Codes

Within this new frequency which awaken assigned forerunners act as a bridge and guardians of most sacred particles of Monad God, the Major locations on Earth that will become the POWER POINT in future of Life, currently are under major clearing and stablizing to become ready to hold galactic and earth councils, 12 major locations, 12 cities, 12 Bridges, 12 Gates, 12 Divine Councils birthing at this moment through Forerunners consciousness, bowing at power of One, compassion in Action, Love in her unconditional state, all together, all purifying for A major collective movement after March 2020.

It is vital to follow individual daily impulses, intuition guidance, expand the inner space and silence. No role is fully structured at the moment, let say it is all on a drawing page, assume nothing, claim nothing, do not try to understand, be a witness to this huge powerful divine will that is forming an army of Light workers to stand, walk, talk, share peacefully and powerfully on this planet, as their breath has disappeared in His/Hers Holly Breath of One.

Our tasks is to be In – JOY. To be in heaven means to walk Free.

The NewEarth councils will come fully in manifestation by end of 2020. This waves already in motion and have left the shore of formless, they will land in physical and it is our responsibility as Forerunners to be Empty, Open, Receptive and Majestic in all of our choosing.
Love, so far has been our collective compass, however to accomplish 2020 successfully as Presence of One, neutrality, observation and inner joy become primary focal abilities to form this Divine Organization on Earth and physical dimension which supports Life on our planet and new Encounters at Galactic levels.

In the coming few months, we might have some back and forth between dimensions due our specific Essence and future Tasks, but all are part of the Original Soul Blueprint.
The most helpful knowing is not seek any Knowing, make a home in Present, stay with Breath and joy.
Focus on Body as a transmuter of a highet frequency through breathe is another primary ability coming to full activation, basically, you feel the Monad God breathing through you and your breath disappears in this powerful unified effortless existence of Oneness, only then Freedom Codes through your vessel open up and everything become Magical.

Heaven on Earth is not a wish or hope anymore, it is a reality in process of full manifestation, it is our responsibilities, individually and collectively to make choices consciously and according to Law of One.

Are you ready to be a Magnificent Creation? And Co Create every truthful wish with God?
From this month on, Surf on Joy and Be ordinary and simple, and yet Majestic.

create Magnificent by become fully open to Heart of One, To Will of One, To Flame of One.

Words by Seraphim Joy.

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