Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom


Awakening soul

Journey to love continues.. update

Understanding is freedom, it is the glue of love, patience and acceptance of all aspects of Self that brings understanding. As Cosmos waves arriving, our human hearts are more open and mind more silence, to go faster through the inner... Continue Reading →


Warrior woman

Standing by the sea, Facing the change, Strong wind Touching her skin. Naked, With arms outstretched Listening to the waves. Allowing The wind to coil Around her flesh, Centering in Roots of trust. Uncertainty will pass, The countless transformations Will... Continue Reading →


My body is made from lucid dreams, And sensual foams. Harp player's hands whispered me into living, on face of Earth. I only knew how to worship the melody of his fingers, his delightful touch. I forgot the song, memories... Continue Reading →

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