Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Glourious One

​Poetry is land of a bare heart. I am returning to true home of joy and delight.  ~New Poem  Beside my beloved I lay,  naked and soft. Gentle sound of my wanting Echoes in songs of morning sparrows, My true... Continue Reading →

My eternal love

​My love,  Nothing is left of me, or for me to offer. I am in silence and it widens everyday more. Only in silence I can meet you, love you, Receive you. Could any other space be more sacred, precious... Continue Reading →

My lover – repost

​So many lovers, So many sleepless nights chanting prayers of longing and desire between white sheets of intimacy, sweet taste of touches and flames be wildered by wine and music of love and yet heart was holding his dream, more... Continue Reading →

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