Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Lips of God

​It comes once in a lifetime But it leaves a footprint on your heart. It touched the ground beneath, It fills your being with fiercely passion, It shakes you like a tornado, It leaves you with no words, Just ecstasy... Continue Reading →


Dance of Gaia

​New poem - Neither pain, nor joy Could bring my tongue into words.  Your gaze is intense, my heart is aroused melting into dance of cosmos. Earth disappearing beneath my foot,  Heaven have eyes everywhere. Silence is my wood, leaf... Continue Reading →

One blade

​Who am I without passion of my heart,  Without anticipation of arrival. Without desire to run wild and naked  in green forests of feelings Humming with moonlight and chase shadow  Into the light. Who am I without ecstasy of our... Continue Reading →

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