Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Cross roads

There is no map for quest of love. For living by truth. Only paths, only roads and anonymous  travellers meeting at cross roads, sharing a meal, holding hands, watching the sunrise. They are no promise in life, life is the... Continue Reading →


Waterfalls of love

​We do not need reason, to be part of a love waterfalls. We do not need to know what separates us, we can look into each other's eyes forgetting you and I. We are beautiful, undiscovered frontiers of magic and... Continue Reading →

Reborn of Seraphim 

​When we are touched by mystery of life, Love showers our bare skin and heart goes to rainbow's spasm. When nothing really is left from past believes, nothing to be saved, no Savior, no hope, no grasping...just opening to all... Continue Reading →

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