The sweetness of breath, The mystery of present, The Joy of totality. Flames, space and melody of love Biding everything Waiting for Nothing! 🙏 Serena Devi

The sound of Om

Emptiness is the Mother of your dreams. Awareness is the Father of your creation. Present is the Magic of your love. You are the moon and the sun, You are the joy of life. You are the heart of The Beloved, the blood of love. The pure child of universe, The Sound of Om, The…

Dance of totality

Threshold of SEPTEMBER, New Earth begins The dance of totality. September is a month to be consumed in Grace. To go so deep into heart, never like this before, never so alone with One and let the reconnection brings the magic of geometry into our lives. This renewal is happening at our Huamn/Soul holographic design….

Edge of awakening

Love moves tenderly Around the bridge Between you and I In our God-likeness We gaze into our divine destiny, Silently and wholeheartedly We cross over To a New everything, Like a rainbow children, Like an ancient lovers. My humming ends In joy of our union. Fire and Ice, Heart and mind, together, Human and Spirit….

Love list

I love life. I love music, dancing and writing. I love beauty and newness that every moment brings. I love my parents. I love my brother and sister. I love Tara. I love mountains, forest and ocean. I love Brighton. I love Vancouver. I am in love with San Francisco, Bali and the place I…

Sacred Union

Inside the space Heart grows dreams of unity. The longing for embrace of the beloved has come to fruitfulness of present. The sacred union of flesh, Is the marriage between spirit and matter, Man and woman, Yin and yang. Inside me, universe is merging, And your brown eyes inviting Years of seeking into one moment,…

Bali and Integrating into New Level

Update/ New Waves & Heart Pilgrimage The last few days energy waves have been strong plus the heat and humidity here is challenging for my body. Bali is magical, no doubt about that, at the same time it wasn’t what I imagined. It is cleansing and bringing up anything left as my human. Like my…