Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Pleasure of a Hermit

Fell in love with the first touch of sun, The joy of not knowing of your warmth,  mystery of opening up  to born out of the cold nights of winter.  Rays of light came down on my face, And thirst... Continue Reading →


From Tehran to Freedom – repost

In Tehran, The crows fly Above the prison’s bar, One by one, Carry nothing, Except fear. In Tehran, Pedestrians must wait A life time If they follow the law To cross. Unending wait for the next stop light’s green. In... Continue Reading →

Floating in tides

The quiet light, In depth of my heart, Shines, Before, After, each tide. I have been seeking My soul, Through centuries, Collecting the broken fragile pieces From all the places, On earth, Or in my heart That I lived a... Continue Reading →

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