Diary of a MYSTIC

Understanding is freedom



Prayer of heart

I no longer can say it in words, No longer can smile it. I just can disappear in it, lose all edges, all names, all ideas and opinions. Is this love? Or home? Years of turbulence in and out, shedding... Continue Reading →


Faceless Mystics 

They are vast fields, wild flowers and sunbeams in every sip on cup of gratitude. Mystics walk out of ordinary roads, on their tracks, lavenders grow and fountains appear. Their cups of gratitude is full of sacred moments between intention... Continue Reading →

Daily shift 2

The only strength we need is to drop our mind and let heart leads us, through meadows, mountains, forests, oceans of life. Offering our no-thingness to the source is our true essence, as arrival of cherry blossoms or bloom of... Continue Reading →

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